Phone pouches

Need a practical but trendy phone pouch? Maradji offers you its range of leather pouches for women with adjustable straps.



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Sheila Gold
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For those who like minimalism

The phone pouch, the ultimate accessory

You can see it in the street: the mini bag is more and more trendy. But... What can you put in it? The answer: not much. That's the point! The phone pouch is part of this simple approach to stop carrying around a bunch of accessories and focus on the essentials. 
Basically, nowadays, the phone is like an electronic purse. It's got our whole life in it, just like it used to be in our big tote bags! So if you like small, miniature pouches that can only hold one or two things, go for these ultra-trendy phone cases! 

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Stop searching!

Slung over the shoulder for hands-free convenience

The inside pocket in handbags, we all know we never (or rarely) use it. Instead, we put our keys, coupon codes, or maybe a lipstick to make a few touch-ups. The result? Our phone slides to the bottom, and we never find it (obviously, when we need it most)! So, why not dedicate its own little compartment?
If you are in this case (like us), the phone pouch will be your best friend! Slip it over your shoulder to always have your phone at hand, and safe!
That's right! With our pouches, it is impossible for your phone to fall out or get stolen! It will be proudly held against you... and in style!

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Something for everyone

An infinite variety of phone pouches

For our first phone pouches, we thought big! The goal? To match your bags, jackets and even your phone's shell! After all, being practical doesn't have to mean not having style.
Our phone pouch has been declined to infinity, from white, black, burgundy to blue, through silver leather (the Maradji paw), patent, and lizard (the print of this season!).
Always in leather to offer you maximum chic and protection, our clutches are the perfect compromise for those who are looking for style, practicality and security!

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