A bohemian-chic collection

Our Maradji accessories

In the world of fashion, it's the details that make the difference. Our accessory collections will add a sophisticated, delicate and glamorous touch to any outfit! The purity of their lines and the quality of our leathers are matched by the strength of our sober, timeless colors. Fresh for spring and summer, warm for autumn and winter, our accessories will accompany you everywhere in style!

In our online boutique, we offer an exclusive selection of women's accessories that combine style, elegance and practicality. Ideal for shopping.

Whether you're looking for a hat rack to go with your hat on your shoulder bag to protect you in style from the summer sun, a phone pouch to keep essentials close at hand, or removable handles to personalize your handbag, we've got everything you need to complete your look.

Our team of fashion enthusiasts has carefully selected each accessory to offer you an exceptional shopping experience. Because every detail counts in expressing your style, our accessories are designed to make you stand out and shine on every occasion!

Maradji is the cutting-edge French brand that pays tribute to the material for your leather accessories.

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Sheila Gold
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Noble leathers

Our accessories collection comes from elsewhere. Each supplier is carefully selected by designer Delphine, with a constant eye to quality.

From our collection of hat-holders to phone pouches, not forgetting our removable handles to give new life to your favorite bags, each piece is designed to reflect your unique and daring style. All our leather accessories are meticulously crafted to offer you a top-of-the-range product that you'll treasure over time.

You'll find the Maradji "M" logo embossed on our hat stand. Made from leather and featuring a magnetic system, it won't let go of your hat. Its diamond shape is the ideal accessory to enhance the style of your shoulder bag!

Full of surprises, our smartphone pouch hides a secret: it's made from recycled leather! Maradji is committed to responsible, sustainable fashion. Thanks to innovative reuse and transformation processes, recycled leather helps preserve natural resources while reducing our carbon footprint. An ethical and trendy approach to fashion!

Do you know our Maradji handbags? Fall for our detachable straps and embellish your Nicole fanny pack to match your mood for the day!

Dare to shine your own way!

Whether it's our belts, our handbags or our smaller leather goods collection, all of our leather accessories are meticulously crafted to offer you a high-end product that you'll treasure over time. 

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A variety of multi-function accessories

Discover our collection of essential accessories for your outfits:

- The hat rack: Accessorize your shoulder bag with our hat racks. Practical and discreet, hang your hat on your handbag and enjoy a carefree, space-saving outing.

- Phone pouch: the unstoppable shoulder pouch to take with you wherever you go. Ideal for keeping your phone with you at all times! Made from recycled leather and with adjustable straps, you'll be hooked on Sheila!

- Removable handles: have you fallen for one of Maradji's legendary fanny packs? We're honored to tell you that we've designed several handles to change the style of your shoulder bag every day. Discover our removable macramé Ana handle and brighten up your handbag!

Wearing our accessories is more than just a question of style, it's a statement of your personality. Hang your hat holder and feel the elegance floating around you. Wrap your phone in a refined leather pouch and feel the power of always being connected, yet undeniably chic. Play with the removable handles to express your mood of the day and adapt your favorite piece of leather goods to every moment of your hectic life.

Be the creator of your own style, mix and match these accessories with confidence and let your imagination run wild.

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