Cases and pouches

Pack all your essentials in our women's beauty cases and jewelry pouches : our must-have leather travel accessories.



Paola suede Black
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Paola suede Navy
Paola suede Navy
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Lucia Gold
Lucia Gold
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Always be prepared!

Perfect kits and pouches for travel

Tired of losing your things at the bottom of your suitcase? Store all your beauty products in our toiletry bags! With their zipper, these travel pouches will keep all your makeup preciously, and will always be within reach! Compact and resistant with their 100% linen composition, our kit is the essential accessory for all those who live from city to city and want to organize their luggage.
The best part? Their rectangular format is perfect for handbags! With their super clever compartment, you can carry your makeup or your jewelry without the risk of losing them... or losing time looking for them!

You don't know what to offer?

The pouch, the gift idea par excellence

You have no idea how many times we've searched our bags without finding our mascara or bracelet... That's why we created our pouch and its zipper closure with all those little compartments!
Use it as you wish: storage bag, make-up bag, travel bag or toiletry bag... It's up to you! It takes the shape you give it. 
And for those of you who don't know what to give for a birthday, these kits and pouches are ideal! Someone you know spends her time grumbling about digging through her bag? Give them the luxury of being able to compartmentalize their stuff! You can't go wrong with our bags!

Only in the bag?

Wear it for every occasion!

Are you the small bag type? Great! Some of our pouches also have a shoulder strap so you can use them without having to carry around a big tote! 
With their neutral colors and natural materials, such as linen and raffia, our pouches and bags fit all bag styles and all wardrobes! We thought and designed them as women's pouches, but there's nothing to stop you from considering them as men's pouches! After all, everyone wants to be able to store their little trinkets without them rolling around under the receipts! Are you afraid of multiple compartments? Are you afraid you won't be able to put your wallet in? No problem! We can also offer you a large compartment to accumulate your accessories!