Card holders

Need a quality leather card holder ? Opt for the Maradji models, classic or zipped to store your money.



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But just as practical!

Lighter than a wallet

Nowadays, cards are our best allies: bank cards, loyalty cards, driver's license cards... It's the format that has supplanted everything, our small bills as well as our small coins! 
So why not walk around with only these? Give up any extra space with our practical and adorable card holders! They won't take up too much space in your purse, pocket or even your jacket pocket! Take with you only what is useful... 

What is practical can be beautiful

Trendy and quality

Our card holders are not just any card holders. No, really, take a closer look: with their three-material composition, their three notches and their zipper closure, they have absolutely everything! Gone are the days of dull, simplistic card holders. Say hello to simplicity and refinement instead! Can't tell the difference?
Our card holders are made of real leather. They are not made of imitation leather, not of plastic fabric, not of materials X or Y that do not last over time. They will protect your belongings as long as you allow them to! 
They are available in original colors, adapted to each season! Light blue, gold (lots of gold), white, black, and a chic embossed cognac... you're spoiled for choice!

You only need him?

The card holder: alone or with someone

If you're the kind of person who carries around the bare minimum, our card holders are the perfect way to carry your bank card safely! With it, you don't risk accumulating receipts and other odds and ends that we often find at the bottom of our bags...
But if you like to match your accessories, you should know that our little Pablo goes perfectly with the bags in our new collection! So, don't hesitate to take a look at our handbags if you like well-matched duos!