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Till April's dead, change not a thread
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Spring 2022

Memories of a trip to Guanajuato 18 years ago, this collection takes us to Mexico. It is intended to be warm and colorful. The earthy colors of the desert contrast with the warm colors of the colored houses: coral, azure, ochre and fuchsia. The agaves and cactus inspire us with their patterns, just like the dia de los muertos and its mystical symbols.
Close your eyes and listen to the mariachis singing this collection.
Adalé !

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Designed as a true extension of our savoir-faire, it's a little like our own cave of wonders. 
Join us at 5 rue Commines in Paris, and take part in this Arabian Nights tale.
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In our luggage, you will find a story of knowledge. From imagination to manufacturing, we will put all our love (sometimes even our humour), to tell you about our collections, our motivations and above all our inspirations.