Order your fanny pack for this winter!
Nicole Disco's coming!
Nicole Disco's coming!

For a sunny winter

Adopt the Nicole Disco!

On May 18th, we launched a very unusual operation for our brand: the restocking of our Nicole Doré in its Spring-Summer version.
Bright leather, wooden buckles, macramé handle... it had everything to please. And you liked it!

Today, we have no more in stock.
We didn't lie to you: there won't be any more.

Her little sister, the Nicole Disco, is coming very soon with the Fall Winter collection.
A little advice, from us to you: pre-order this model quickly so that it doesn't escape you!

This new version might not have seen the light of day without the feedback from the happy owners of our previous Nicole! They were a great help in preparing this new version, and we thank them for all their feedback. 🙏

A much-requested evolution

Double zip!

Remember: the 2021 version of our Nicole had only one zip!
It may seem trivial to some, but many of you have been asking us for a double zip.
Today, you can open and close your Nicole on the right and on the left! A small detail that made our fanny pack immediately more practical.

Nicole Gold
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90,00 €

To better suit you

Adjustable handle

Our Summer 2022 Nicole had a sublime macramé handle. The result was absolutely beautiful... but not adjustable.
We've taken that into consideration.
This winter, we swear the Nicole Disco handle will be adjustable!

Nicole Gold
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90,00 €

Attention to detail

Two golden doghooks

The difference is minimal, but what a change!
We improved the attachment system of our handle by adding another gold buckle. Not only is the result even more delicate and elegant, but the leather no longer jams the handles. A perfect fall once your fanny pack is slung over your shoulder!