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How to take care of silk?

Simple but essential: we recommend washing your scarf by hand, in cold or warm water with a small amount of soap. Do not use harsh products such as bleach as this could damage the natural fibers. Do not dry your cloth in the dryer because the heat could shrink and deteriorate them. Maradjique's advice: take your silk piece and blot it between two terry towels, then air dry it flat on a drying rack! Give it time to dry, be patient and don't put it in the sun or on a radiator, it must keep its original beauty.

printed silk fabric
Fascinating properties

An iconic fabric

Silk, a noble fabric coming straight from the countries of the rising sun. So soft, so elegant, its reputation is used to precede it. China having had the monopoly for a long time, it still remains today master in the know-how of this meticulous production in 4 stages. Let's start with the first one: sericulture. Doesn't that tell you anything? It is in fact the breeding of the silkworm. During its life it will become caterpillar and then butterfly. The craftsmen take care of the growth of the worms and caterpillars, protect them when they are put in cocoons and then recover the cocoons. Then comes the spinning: it is a question here of setting up the reeling of the cocoon.

Then comes the milling, which consists of twisting the thread on working mills. Finally, the stage we have all been waiting for: weaving. It is indeed the production process that consists in making the silk thread into a real fabric.

How is it done? Two separate sets of threads are intertwined at right angles and cleverly routed through the loom. This is no mean feat! The art of this craft remains precious and tedious, this explains the nobility of the pieces that are made of it and their more expensive price. Today Maradji offers you a silk route directly linked from our workshops to your wardrobe.

In addition to its visual elegance and its softness to the touch, silk has many other advantages that are more hidden at first glance... Your skin loves it because it is three times less absorbent than cotton and maintains its hydration. Moreover, it is antibacterial and thus helps to prevent the appearance of inflammations.

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