Wool Felt

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How to take care of wool felt?

Wool felt is thick but delicate. It is advisable not to fold your hat to maintain its initial shape. In addition, despite popular belief, you should not lay your hat flat on a surface, as this could deform it. It is preferable to lay it on the cap, i.e. turned inside out.
We pamper you to the end: the hat comes with a cotton cover in Maradji colors, so you can store it gently, protected from dust.

A formidable fabric

Fabrication of Wool Felt

Made with passion in the region of Florence, Italy, our felt hats are 100% made of wool felt. Felt is one of the oldest textiles in the world. As early as prehistoric times, the nomads of Central Asia made their own clothes, from shoes to headgear to carpets and yurts: everything was made of felt! Felt is obtained from the entanglement of animal fibers under the effect of heat, moisture and friction. Eventually the fibers form a homogeneous material that gives the hat a soft and elegant appearance. Felt can be made from hare, beaver and even bear or camel hair! Rest assured that we only use wool felts, i.e. the shorn hair of sheep.

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