Smooth leather

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How to take care of smooth cowhide leather?

Like all relationships, you have to know how to take care of it to keep it shiny! So take note: leather is a delicate fabric that needs to be treated with care. Here are the 2 steps to follow: first, apply a cream to nourish the leather (the most important), then a brush to shine. And there you go.

A little bit of history

A noble and durable leather

Smooth leather includes all types of leather with a grain on the upper side, regardless of the thickness of the leather and the natural grain of the animal. In addition to its elegant and timeless look, smooth cowhide, goathide and lambhide have unique properties: thick, strong and supple at the same time. An indestructible potential! This is why we have chosen to select the most beautiful pieces to cover our collection of small leather goods, handbags and belts.

This natural product has a remarkable technical advantage over alternative materials. With an inner surface composed of fine, tightly interwoven fibers, it is one of the most resistant materials to stretching, bending and especially tearing. It can be kept for many years without wrinkling! It is not afraid of bad weather either: leather can absorb up to 30% of water without getting wet!

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