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How to take care of suede goat leather?

Suede goat leather is a fragile leather. It is sensitive to light and crushing, so it must be maintained as it should be to keep its original noble appearance. Do not worry, we tell you everything and it's fast. You can regularly brush it to remove dust. Then waterproof it to avoid stains!
Are you a perfectionist? We've got tips for you! You can revive the leather with a cleaning spray and then rehydrate it with a leather renovation spray.
If by great misfortune you were to stain your piece of goat velvet ... No panic! We suggest you use the Woly gum, gently as it is abrasive, make a few small movements and your bag will be like new! Simple and effective.

What is that?

You'll know everything about suede leather

Suede goat leather is a suede leather, it is the opposite of smooth leather. It is even more flexible and has a silky aspect which is obtained by sanding the skin. To explain this quickly, in the family of suede leather we have the suede leather from the back of the smooth leather, the suede leather with both sides of the leather crust (flesh side of the leather split) and the nubuck (smooth leather whose grain has been voluntarily sanded, which gives it this velvety appearance).

Here let's talk about velvet goat! Coming from the upper part of the leather, the flower side, it is delicate like a peach skin and makes our pieces soft and elegant. It is a breathable and resistant leather, ideal for shoes and clothes.

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