Cotton and Lurex

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How to take care of cotton and lurex?

Your cotton and lurex garment can be machine washed at 30°C. However, if the cotton supports well the hot ironing it is not necessarily the case for the lurex, thus think of ironing with cold iron. This will preserve the shine of your garment as well as its initial color! In order not to deform it, do not put it in the dryer, it would be too aggressive for this material.

Two Fabrics in One

Improving Nature

Cotton is a vegetable fiber, it comes from cotton seeds that are surrounded by it. Thereafter, it is transformed into thread and is reworked to give birth to the various fabrics. It is actually since the 19th century, thanks to industrial progress, that it has become the first textile fiber in the world. This good old cotton that we are so familiar with! Why is it so famous? It is both inexpensive and easy to produce and has considerable advantages. In addition to being soft and pleasant to wear, it is also hypoallergenic, insulating and absorbent (it can absorb up to 8.5% of its weight in water! It is quite simply incredible!) which also allows it to withstand the heat well.

It is used for all kinds of clothing because it has a very good resilience and an unparalleled elasticity. Lurex is a polyester textile thread covered with a metallic layer that gives it a shiny appearance. Thanks to this process, the polyester threads and the metal form a single unit. In reality we say "Lurex" here because it is the most used term but it is a registered trademark, so to do better it would be necessary to speak about a more generic term, we could use the word metalized thread or metalized polyester.

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