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Anna Fawn
Anna Fawn
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The Maradji Scarf

This Fall/Winter, take your legs and escape with our silk scarves or wool squares with oriental airs. For mid-season, our designer offers these lightweight stoles in numerous declinations with fall colors. Fauve, Jungle, Hazelnut or Black... Our scarves are hand screen printed or printed in new patterns. So Winter Jungle !
With their large dimensions (100 x 100 cm, all the same!), they dress up your every outfit with chic.


An artisanal manufacture

At Maradji, we take very seriously the search for special know-how in the making of our designs. This is the essence of our fashion accessories line.
Our Anna silk and modal scarves are handcrafted. This is also the case with our 100% wool squares. Respectfully crafted in Jaipur, in a family-run workshop, the Anna choker is hand screen printed, with gold ink to illuminate your complexion. This finish is the charming asset of this temporary women's, premium-quality necklace.
The materials of our scarves, like its tailoring, are noble. In silk and modal or 100% wool, fiber and durable.


Dare the silk square!

Intemporal women's accessory, in summer or winter, do wear the scarf as you please!

Why not in the hair? This winter, swap the scrunchie for the scarf tied around your hair.... History to enhance your hairstyle with a sophisticated city style.
And around the neck? The square is The scarf to wear easily around the neck. Tied bandana-style or chèche-style, the printed scarf is a glamorous alternative to the basic scarf.
Finally, on your bag...This summer on your baskets, this winter on your bandoliers! Dress up your mini handbag with a scarf tied around its handle.
It won't leave your side again!