Cotton and silk scarves

Discover our cotton and silk scarves. Light and comfortable, they will be perfect for the summer!


Designed by Maradji

Unique cotton and silk scarves

We are not done with our scarves! New for this season : the alliance of cotton and silk. The choice of materials has never been insignificant for us. The softness, elegance and shine of silk have always been synonymous with quality for us. But now that summer is here, it's time to introduce a little cotton to beat the heat! If silk is antibacterial (yes!), cotton has the particularity of being absorbent and will leave you dry even under the strong heat ! But that's not all ! Protect your hair from the sun by tying your scarf on your head, or use it as a stole to protect you from the wind of the seaside : there are as many functions as situations ! And with our scarves, you'll be ready for them all !

The best of two worlds

French design and Indian manufacture

At Maradji, we are committed to offering unique designs and colors, inspired by our travels and the emotions they evoke. All the patterns and the color palette used have been carefully thought out to match our vision of a Spring-Summer or Fall-Winter collection. No matter the season, our goal remains the same: to constantly renew ourselves by offering you the same quality, and by highlighting the unique craftsmanship that goes into making scarves. 
That's right ! Our scarves are made in India, where they are woven with an ancestral know-how, emblematic of the country. They are also screen printed there, by hand, for unique pieces with deep and vivid colors.

Some style ideas

How to wear the scarf ?

You may have already noticed, the scarf is now worn in a thousand and one ways. It is no longer a question of wearing it only tied around the neck! With a little imagination, it can be adapted to any style, and most certainly yours too! You can of course use it as a scarf, to protect your throat from the cold, but if you prefer bohemian looks, you can also tie it in your hair, along a braid, or use it as a headband, for example. Some people like to use it as a belt to give a monochromatic outfit, like a denim jumpsuit, a little extra pizzazz. No matter how you wear it, we are sure that our scarves will be the perfect allies to be stylish in summer and winter !