You dream of a practical and trendy backpack, discover the leather backpack by Maradji. The essential bag for women!



Donna lizard Black
Donna lizard Black
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Donna lizard Cognac
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For those who move around a lot

A practical bag too often neglected

It's back in fashion, and we're thrilled! The backpack is no longer reserved for your high school years, but for your active years! Why bother with a shoulder bag when we can slip it on our back? Well, we actually have plenty of reasons to fall for a shoulder bag. It's still super chic, and we can better show off its original shape or super pretty details!
But anyway, if you're interested in backpacks, you might prefer practical bags that are easy to carry, in which you can slip a mess of clutches, wallets, sunglasses, even books and notebooks! That's good, we have some nice models to offer you!
So jump on your bike and let yourself be carried away in our collection of beautiful and practical backpacks!

It's possible, yes, it is!

A practical and stylish backpack!

No question of putting aside style. At Maradji, opting for one thing does not mean giving up the other! So rest assured that our backpacks are as practical as they are trendy!

With their lizard leather (very fashionable this season) or their very original patent leather, they will immediately stand out from all the other bags in the crowd! The golden metal handle gives them a lot of character right away, doesn't it?
On the other hand, their discreet colors will allow you to match them with any outfit, and to be classified as "casual" and "elegant". The perfect balance!
Leather immediately gives a cachet that other materials do not have, don't you think? And if the leathers of our bags are so beautiful, it's because they were meticulously chosen by us! Our designers explore every possible palette to find the perfect hues and textures to enhance the shape of the model!
That's the secret behind each of our backpacks!

In the service of craftsmanship

An Indian manufacturing

If you are familiar with our products, you must already know that our backpacks are made in India, in workshops that we have chosen specifically for their craftsmanship and know-how. Here, we are talking about experienced craftsmen with invaluable resources, infinite knowledge and skills that are too often ignored! By wearing your backpacks, you show the world their remarkable work! Thank you!