Crossbody bags

Practical and trendy with their removable straps, our shoulder bags are the ideal size for your daily life. Maradji has made different leather bags that will suit all styles. From refined models with clean lines to more sophisticated models. The leather shoulder bags are made with quality materials that will patina over time while maintaining their elegance, flexibility and appearance.


Unique size



The perfect compromise

The crossbody bag, chic and practical

We could call it "prachic" if we had a taste for bad puns. 
The crossbody bag is still in vogue, and will probably be for a long time to come, because there's probably nothing more practical than a bag worn with a shoulder strap! So let's be more specific about what makes it so practical: its handles? Its size? ... Its shoulder strap, maybe? Winner!
Wearing a crossbody bag means having your hands free to be prepared for any eventuality! This accessory, always trendy, ultra practical, timeless and appreciated by all, is the ultimate in leather goods. Yes, yes, we insist: it has absolutely everything you can look for in a handbag!

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Mia Green
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Staying chic in all circumstances

The crossbody bag to do it all

There is no minimum or maximum size for a crossbody bag! We're not talking about a clutch, but a crossbody bag: that is to say, it can easily be carried thanks to its handles if ever the style requires it. It can also be extra large and gigantic to allow you to slip everything inside, your phone, as well as your wallet or your card holder! The principle of the crossbody bag is not to limit you in the style or size of your bag: simply to leave your hands free to do whatever you want!

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Léon ecru
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Any ideas on how to combine it?

Keep your hands free and your own style

The crossobody bag isn't just for casual style aficionados. It has long been worn for just that: casual, simple, and undeniably practical. But nothing prevents it from being chic, sophisticated, elegant... bohemian, sporty, minimalist, in short, it can adapt to anything and anyone!
The choice of leather, whether smooth, embossed or gold, gives our bags an absolutely refined look that will match absolutely any style.
You will find in our collections colors that will match all wardrobes, in any season, to always stay trendy... and comfortable!

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